Organic Red Vein Kratom Powder



Red strain Kratom helps chill out your mind and body, promoting feeling of relaxation. Unlike white or green vein kratom, red is best taken later in the day, 1-2 spoonfuls before or after a late lunch or dinner. Our powder comes directly from a farm outside of Bangkok, Thailand that we have visited and tested the product for any molds/toxins so you can feel good about feeling good. Not for pregnant women or people under the age of 18 years old. Each bag contains 150grams of 100% unadulterated mitragyna speciosa.



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What People Say About Us?

Alex Winslow
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“I’ve enjoyed taking several of the white kratom capsules or powder before some of my workouts or coaching sessions for more focus, energy, and not having to rely on coffee so much!”
Ketkanok Sriwat
Graphic Designer
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“Kratom helps me chill during stressful times at work or personal things in my life. I think people who are too stressed and deal with anxious thoughts should try it, it can really help."
John Criswell
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I like to take 5-6 capsules at once. The effect is soothing but enough to raise my mood and make me feel like I don’t need that drink any more….it’s really helped me cut back on alcohol and as a result I’m down 10kg which is a pleasant surprise!”

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