5 Common Questions People Ask about Kratom

5 Common Questions People Ask About Kratom
Are you curious about trying Kratom? Since Thailand legalized this fascinating herbal plant last year ...

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Can I get in trouble taking Kratom in Thailand? 

No! On August 24th, 2021, Thailand legalized kratom, erasing a ban dating back to 1943. It is perfectly legal to buy, sell, and consume kratom within the kingdom, as well as take kratom with you on buses, planes, and trains around the country. Do note that other countries do NOT have the same laws surrounding kratom, so if you plan to take it out of the country you need to be very careful and clear about its legal status in the country you are visiting.

Does Kratom get you high? 

In short, no. The “euphoria” experienced from taking kratom is mind when compared to marijuana or even some prescription painkillers. Kratom has two active chemical compounds, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine that are responsible for the effects you feel when taking the herb. A larger dose is more likely to induce feelings more similar to taking THC and relaxation. Conversely, a smaller dose has more of a stimulating effect that is less noticeable and helps you feel a bit more sharp and concentrated. This is especially true in the different strains of kratom, where white is better known and taken for its energizing effects while red is taken for helping with sleep and calming down the mind and body.

Should I take Kratom leaves, powders, or capsules? 

The three primary ways to take Kratom are from eating the leaves themselves, grinding them up into a powder, or taking the powder in capsule form. In Thailand it is now becoming more and more common to see kratom leaves sold in small shops and on the side of the road. However, we recommend capsules as this is the easiest way to control how much kratom you take in a single session with no bitter taste from the powder or digestive distress and possible contamination from the leaves. If you prefer taking powder, we recommend you mix it with a non-alcoholic drink of choice to help subdue the nasty taste. Our favorite way to take the powder is blending it with a smoothie or mixing it with a sweetened vitamin water drink you can purchase at 711. Both capsules and powder are superior to leaves because they are lab-tested and not contaminated with bacteria that is more commonly reported when eating kratom leaves. 

Is Kratom similar to coffee? 

As plants, kratom and coffee are in the same family but interact with the body differently. Kratom contains no natural caffeine and is grown, harvested, grounded into powder or capsules, and third party tested before being sold to the public. The alkaloids in kratom interact with the brain receptors, whereas coffee interacts with the central nervous system and blocks adenosine receptors. Both kratom and coffee can become addictive, although caffeine found in coffee is considered a more addictive alkaloid. 

What are the main benefits of taking Kratom?

Everyone has a different experience with kratom. Some people have a more intense reaction to the herb while others do not feel much of an effect and either have to take a larger dose or a different strain to notice anything. The most common benefits from taking kratom have to do with your mind and body. Kratom can help lift your mood, calm anxious thoughts, and decrease the need for other addictive substances such as prescription pills, alcohol, coffee, or other drugs. Kratom is known to be a potent natural painkiller, especially in higher doses. In smaller doses, kratom can increase your energy and acts more like a stimulant, replacing a cup of coffee. Finally, kratom can help curb cravings surrounding food, making it a useful aid in people who struggle to lose weight or stop eating junk food. 

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