Should I take Kratom or CBD?

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Kratom and especially CBD have risen in popularity and awareness in Thailand over the past several years. You will see both herbs continue to integrate into shops, storefronts, product blends, and more in the coming years. Despite both CBD and Kratom being natural herbs, their effects are different. CBD is not like cannabis, so there is no “high” feeling you experience from it the same you do if you are taking CBD alongside THC. This does not mean that CBD does not work–quite the opposite, in fact. It is responsible for helping promote relaxation, sleep, ease stress, decrease inflammation in the body, and may help with recovery from strenuous workouts. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body. 

Kratom, on the other hand, does have a “stimulation” effect as well as a euphoric feeling when consumed in larger doses of 4-5+ grams. It interacts with the opioid system in the body and causes a synergistic feeling of energy and relaxation that is hard for users to put into words. This is due to the two active alkaloids in the plant, mitragynine and 7-hydroximitragynine. Different strains have different concentrations of these alkaloids. Red kratom is known for inducing full-body relaxation and helps you feel drowsy, whereas white kratom increases energy and focus. Green kratom is somewhere in between, and is reported to help the most with boosting one’s overall mood. Like CBD, Kratom is used to ease pain and fight inflammation, but the effects are felt much more in the mind, especially at doses higher than 3 or 4 grams (6-8+ capsules at one time). 

So, which one should you take? If your primary goal is improving your sleep, CBD is the clear choice. Kratom is technically a stimulant, whereas CBD is a sedative and has more positive reviews of helping users fall asleep faster and longer. If you want to ease chronic pain, it’s a toss-up. CBD may be better at decreasing inflammation in the body, but kratom’s effects will be better “felt” at the time of taking the herb and focuses more on nociceptive and chronic pain. 

In terms of mood, CBD is known to help the most with easing anxiety. Kratom, especially in higher doses, may be better to use for feelings of depression and being “stuck in a rut”. In lower doses of 1 to 3 grams, kratom may help with anxiety too, although there is less data to support this claim when compared to CBD. 

In conclusion, it is worth trying both herbs to see which work best for you. The mechanisms in which they act on the body are completely different, and both can be taken safely at the same time in appropriate doses. We recommend you check out our list of kratom and natural health products to see which might benefit you the most, and feel free to ask us a question if you need any help!

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Should I take Kratom or CBD?

Kratom and especially CBD have risen in popularity and awareness in Thailand over the past several years. You will see both herbs continue to integrate